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Commercial Signs

G.W. Signs in Southampton strives to use the best quality supplies we can get our hands on to produce our one of a kind cedar sandblasted signs.
We begin each year with a shipment of 2″ thick, special-edge grain, knot free Western Red Cedar. We construct our signs with epoxy glue & band saw them to cutout shapes. Our designer will then work with the customer to come up with the layout and artwork design.

The next step is to cover the sign blanks with a rubber stencil & carefully blast the design into the wood. Customers frequently ask, “What do I need to put over the paint to protect them from the elements?” And our answer is simple – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

G.W. Signs uses a high quality block out primer and three coats of acrylic latex paint on the background and also on the letters, borders and back. The latex allows the wood to breathe & stops or hinders the paint from cracking or peeling. The artwork is done and the end result is, we have captured a custom hand-painted picture for a one of a kind sign for each satisfied customer.

We always tell our customers “the sign will have a long lifespan with no maintenance” as our cedar sandblasted signs will last for years and years. If desired, our signs can be re-painted in the future for a different, unique or traditional look.

Commercial signs priced at $145.00 / square foot
Custom Cedar Sign Post – $170.00

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